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Professional Development Manual for Compliance

This manual sets out the requirements of the Engineers PEI Continuing Professional Development Program (the “Program”) for its members.  The Program is flexible and provides each member with an organized and consistent approach to the development and recording of personal professional development that complies with the requirements set out herein.


Each member is required to keep records of his/her professional development and report the results to the Association annually. Forms for recording and reporting professional development activity are included in Appendix IV.

National Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program

As professionals, engineers take responsibility for their work. If their work subsequently fails they may be held liable (personally) for any resulting costs or damages. Unless they have ample professional liability insurance they may be forced to pay thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees from their own pockets.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Joint Rules of Practice

It is recognized by the Architects' Association of Prince Edward Island and the Association or Professional Engineers of the Province of Prince Edward Island (Engineers PEI) that the interests of the two Professions would best be served by the formulation of Joint Rules dealing with the responsibilities of both Professions in relation to the field of building design and construction.

Friday, October 15, 2004

History of APEPEI

"The First 40 Years - A History of the Association of Professional Engineers of Prince Edward Island" was published in 1995 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of A.P.E.P.E.I. This 60 page booklet is a very interesting overview of engineering in Prince Edward Island with quotes from charter members, pictures of old and modern engineered structures and engineering accomplishments of the past forty years.

The Table of Contents lists the following headings:

Friday, October 15, 2004
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