Adam MacKenzie, P.Eng.



Greg Clayton, FEC, P.Eng.

Justin Dunn, FEC, P.Eng.

Heather MacLeod, FEC, P.Eng.


This Committee shall:

  • before the second meeting of the new Council hold a meeting and review any issues and the recommended budget and report to Council;
  • consider the nominations for all awards;
  • recommend to Council the name of any member who has been selected to receive an award;
  • prepare a citation for each award recipient;
  • arrange for the preparation of an appropriate framed certificate for each award recipient;
  • review requirements and selection procedure for awards and recommend any proposed changes to Council;
  • review the membership roll annually and submit to Council any recommended name(s) for Honorary Life Membership.  Note: Election to Honorary Life Membership requires a unanimous vote of Council;
  • one month prior to the annual meeting provide to Council a written report of the work completed by the committee for incorporation in the annual report.  Also provide with the report an outline of any issues to be carried forward to the next year, new issues or initiatives and a suggested budget.