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Engineers are increasingly using new technologies in their daily work. The documents they produce remain subject to high standards of reliability. Engineers who wish to produce legally reliable digital documents in compliance with the Engineers PEI requirements can now accomplish this task with CertifiO for Professionals – The Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Prince Edward Island’s Digital Signature. Digital Signatures are not to be confused with an electronic impression/electronic version (scanned image) of an ink stamp.


After extensive evaluation of the digital signature market, Engineers PEI has selected Notarius to provide the Engineers PEI Digital Signature to Engineers PEI Practitioners.


What does an Engineer need to know about digital signatures?

Presentation of the Partnership between the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Prince Edward Island (Engineers PEI) and Notarius


Notarius provides the framework and platform to allow its 40+ partners to issue Trusted Digital Signatures to their members, without the trouble of managing the technological infrastructure related to such complex solutions. In the same way that Engineers PEI controls issuance of the ink stamp, this partnership allows Engineers PEI to be the exclusive issuer of a Digital Signature.


Like EGBC, APEGA, NAPEG, APEGS, EGM, OIQ, APEGNB, Engineers Nova Scotia and PEGNL members, Engineers PEI members who wish to avail themselves of the Engineers PEI Digital Signature will begin the process of creating electronic originals and authenticate final document using proven technology solutions that meet the Engineers PEI Regulatory framework, the government standards and archiving best practices for electronic documents.


How to obtain the Engineers PEI Digital Signature:

To obtain your Engineers PEI Digital Signature, please visit:

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For support documentation, visit  You will find white papers and other sources of information to help undertake your digital transformation.

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A summary of the 20 most common questions related to digital signatures.

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Video that explains how to sign, verify, annotate and approve digital drawings.

FAQ article that explains how to configure Adobe to validate digital signatures (in PDF).


Questions about the Engineers PEI Digital signature?

email Kim at


Are you a Practitioner, a municipality or have questions about digital signatures or the reception of digitally signed documents?

Contact Eric Croteau, Account Director at, 1-888-588-0011 ext. 1283 or 514-216-7316.


For technical assistance, please contact Notarius Customer Support

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