Bridge Building Scholarship

New Bridge Building Contest Scholarships for Grade 12 Students

Engineers PEI is pleased to announce a Scholarship opportunity for Grade 12 students who are pursuing a degree in Engineering. 

Engineers PEI will grant two (2) $500 Scholarship annually to aid one male and one female Grade 12 student in pursuing their engineering education endeavours .


  • $500 scholarship to a male Grade 12 student
  • $500 scholarship to a female Grade 12 student
  • The awards are not renewable.

Scholarship Rules:

  • The Grade 12 Student must successfully compete in the Bridge Building Contest.  Bridge must be in compliance with the rules as outlined and must survive the pre-test weight screening.
  • The Grade 12 Student must be enrolled in Engineering studies at any CEAB recognized University.  A letter of confirmation of registration from University Registrar would be required.


  • To ensure that the student has completed the necessary education requirements for admission to university, applications will not be accepted prior to June 1.  Applications must be received by Engineers PEI by August 30.
  • Awarding of the scholarship will be based on completed application and standing in the Senior High School Category of the Bridge Building Competition.
  • The decision of the Engineers PEI Student Chapter Committee will be final.  Winners will be required to submit proof of Registration in an accepted Engineering program in order to receive the Award. 
  • Each student can submit one application.