This committee will be appointed by Council and shall be composed of:

  • five members of the Council, namely the President, immediate Past-President, Vice-President and two other members of Council with seniority as set out in the By-laws; and
  • one lay person who is not an engineer.

The committee shall:

  • conduct hearings as provided for in Section 19 of the Engineering Profession Act on complaints referred to it by the Act Enforcement Committee under Section 16 of the Engineering Profession Act;
  • on completion of the hearing either pass a resolution dismissing the complaint or by order take any one or more of the actions provided for in Section 20 of the Engineering Profession Act.



Marianne LeBlanc, P.Eng.



Mark Sherren, P.Eng.

Adam MacKenzie, P.Eng.

Kent Nicholson, P.Eng.

Amy Hsiao, FEC, P.Eng.

Derek Key, Layperson