This committee shall consist of the Past-President of the Association as chairperson and two Members elected by a vote of the Members present at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

The committee shall:

  • arrange for a call for nominations of officers and members of Council at least ninety days before the Annual meeting;
  • ensure that there are sufficient nominations to fill each vacant position on Council and submit to Council at least sixty days before the annual meeting a list of those nominated for election to Council;
  • publicize the Association’s Annual Awards, seek nomination of candidates by Members and submit nominations to the Awards Committee; and
  • one month prior to the Annual Meeting provide to Council for incorporation in the annual report a written account of the work completed by the committee.  Also provide with the report an outline of issues to be carried forward to the next year and new issues or initiatives.



Mark Sherren, P.Eng.



Laird Ferguson, P.Eng.

Colin McQuillan, FEC, P.Eng.