This committee shall:

  • before the second meeting of the new Council hold a meeting and review any issues and the recommended budget and report to Council;
  • develop a social events program for the year; 
  • plan and carry out the Association’s regular social events such as the annual lobster supper and golf tournament;
  • consider the feasibility and desirability of undertaking the organization of other events for members and their families; and
  • one month prior to the Annual Meeting provide to Council for incorporation in the annual report a written account of the work completed by the committee.   Also provide with the report an outline of issues to be carried forward to the next year, new issues or initiatives to be addressed and a suggested budget.


Colin McQuillan, P.Eng.



Alex Dalziel, P.Eng.

Kyle Garland, P.Eng.

Jason Lindsay, FEC, P.Eng.

Tim O'Brien, P.Eng.

Donald O'Keefe, EIT

Ken Sampson, FEC, P.Eng.

Mark Victor, FEC, P.Eng.

Kim Levesque