Our office is staffed by an Executive Director and Administrative Assistant.

Executive Director

Jim Landrigan, P.Eng.

Responsible for duties of Executive Director, Registrar, Treasurer and Secretary to Council.

Administrative Assistant

Kim Levesque

Responsible for the day to day operations of the office, database management, administrative support, accounting and reception





Engineers PEI 2016-2017 Committees

Act Enforcement Kerry Taylor, FEC, P.Eng.
Act Review Committee Justin Dunn, P.Eng.
Advocacy Committee Geoff Connolly, QC., P.Eng.
Annual General Meeting Committee Jason Lindsay, P.Eng.
Awards Committee Joshua Collins, P.Eng.
Construction & Consulting Mark L. MacDonald, P.Eng.
Discipline Committee Jason Lindsay, P.Eng.
EIT Committee & Experience Review Board Mark Victor, FEC, P.Eng.
Engineering Qualifications Committee Nazmi Lawen, FEC, P.Eng.
Environment Committee David Tayor, P.Eng.
Finance Committee Jason Lindsay, P.Eng.
Nominating Committee David Taylor, P.Eng.
Professional Development and Continuing Education Heather MacLeod, FEC, P.Eng.
Social Committee Jason Lindsay, P.Eng.
Student Outreach Committee Joshua Collins, P.Eng.
Women in Engineering Committee Amy Hsiao, P.Eng.